2014 Stock Horse of Texas
  Vernon Show, September 5-6, 2014

Photos listed by Division, and groups of riders

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  Novice Cowhorse Division--> 

If you do not see your number, look at the bottom for the description of your horse

        22 Elizabeth Hulslander

        23 Mary Beth Meier

        40 Ashley Adams

        45 Cassie Coltrain

        51 Leslie Thompson

        55 Jody Brooks

        60 Price Pyburn

        188 Judy Boeshart      

        192 Kristi Phillips

        223 Kendra Smith

        224 Barbie Creach ?

        232 Cathy Clements

        234 Jan Halter

        235 Sarah Titus

        249 Sam Reding

        255 Kelsey Flessner

        262 Kristi Wink

        264 Cindy White

        269 Sandra Eichelberger

        276 Jennifer Cooper

        282 Haley Matocha

        288 Gena Sites

        290 Cynthia Finck

        Bay w Orange/black saddle pad

        Palomino Paint

        Roan w Star

        Sorrel w WE Brand


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