2017 PRCHA Fall into Autumn Horse Show,
TTU Equestrian Ctr, September 2-3, 2017

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Photos posted through the week!   Watch for your name to turn blue!

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Click on the individual photos in the gallery to see a larger proof.

                                        Zinn Lindsey Memorial Fence Challenge photos-

        Candids and Dogs

        3101    Marilyn Brandt

        3109    Eric Stevenson

        3116    Ilda Corrales

        3125    Ashley Adams

        3126    Christy Petry

        3127    Courtney Reynolds

        3130    Leslie Thompson

        3131    Wes Housler

        3132    Wes Housler

        3144    Eric Stevenson

        3145    Morgan Holmes

        3147    Abigail Brogger


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